The submission will be open from the 1st of August to the 1st of September 2022
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The French Institute in Vietnam and The Goethe-Institut in Vietnam co-organize a series of graphic novel creation workshops, mentored by a German artist and a French artist. It is expected, at the end of the workshop, that the trainees will be able to present a project of six to ten pages to be published. The capacity building work will focus on the necessary artistic requirement and inventiveness, the diversification of graphic or narrative processes.

This call is aimed at Vietnamese comics illustrators/creators resident in Vietnam who would like to involve themselves in graphic novel creation;

Your project must be centered on the use of graphic novel art and medium. It can be of different shapes: a graphic novel story, live drawings, a digital comic art creation, or else as long as it is making use of the graphic novel narrative specificities;

Applicants must have a computer equipped with a camera and a microphone to be able to attend the online workshops;
Applicants should be 18 or over;
There is no obligation to have already been published.


To complete the application, the applicant must:
– have concrete graphic novel project;
– prepare an overview/statement of the project in 1 page maximum in Vietnamese (with an English summary if available);
– provide a minimum of 1 to 3 boards (even unfinished ones) on which the jury can base to evaluate the feasibility of the project. The choice of + a black and white work is compulsory;
+ a biography and/or portfolio.

The applicant must ensure that:
– submitted art works must be his/her own work and he/she must retain full art works ownership rights and all copyrights to the art works
– organizers will be exempt from copyright infringement liability arising from disputes or claims over submitted art works

Benefits and responsibilities:
The selected participants will:
– participate in all workshops sessions (online and offline) animated by a German graphic novel author and a French graphic novel author. A  contract will be drawn up between the participant and the French Institute in Vietnam specifying the conditions of participation in the workshops;
– present his/her work in a format to be agreed with the mentors;
– have produced between 8 and 10 black and white boards at the end of the workshops;
– have the opportunity to exhibit art works at an exhibition space chosen by the Goethe-Institut and the French Institute. The selected  participant accepts that his/her works will be exhibited;
– have an opportunity to be selected and published by a publishing house in Hanoi. A contract will be drawn up between the participant and Vietnamese publishing house, specifying the conditions of production and distribution of the work. Upon entering any agreement, the artist will commit to completing the project.

The organizers will cover the transport and accommodation fees involved in the selected participants’ residency in Hanoi during the in-person sessions of the workshop for 12 days maximum (If he/she comes from another city outside Hanoi).

Be ready to send us your project!

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